With the help of the FBC Vision Rehabilitation Service, people of all ages can overcome the hurdle of vision impairment and begin to see the world in a whole new way.
Please contact us. We may be able to help you or someone you know who lives with low vision.

LOW VISION is the term used to describe a patient whose functional vision is not fully corrected with conventional lenses. Problems range from visual impairment to legal blindness. This may result in the loss of independence and an inability to perform daily tasks. The loss of vision may be caused by a condition that a patient is born with or one that develops later in life.

• Visual Impairment Common Causes
• Head Injury
• Macular Degeneration
• Diabetes
• Stroke
• Glaucoma
• Cataracts
• Premature Birth
• Albinism
• Optic Atrophy
• Corneal Disease

What is Vision Rehabilitation?
The vision rehabilitation process involves de-signing a treatment plan that is customized for a patient’s specific needs. There will be a measurement of the patient’s vision and prescription of optical aids to help a person use their remaining vision more effectively.
The goal of the evaluation is to increase independence, enhance school performance, obtain gainful employment, and driver’s license qualifications. Personal and vocational safety is always emphasized with any treat-ment options.
The examination involves a personal patient interview, assessment of the health of the eyes, evaluation and training of optical aids.

• Magnifiers
• Specialized Glasses
• Telescopic Systems
• Customized Tints
• Electronic Adaptive Aids
• Closed Circuit TV (CCTV’s) This allows the proper prescription of low vision devices and recommendations of rehabilitation services. This examina-tion serves as a coordination between the primary eye doctor, access to com-munity rehabilitation services and recom-mendations to other resources available.